Face Tracking Robot

My first experience with electrical engineering! This project started when i got an Arduion Uno and wanted to find a use for it

Firstly, I salvaged some small motors and a laser pointer from old toys. To be able to control them, I used clothespins to open, close and reverse electrical circuits. To upgrade this solution I bought some actual servo motors and a joystick component to control them.

For the final stage of the project, I decided to connect the Arduino to a Python face tracking script and move the motors so that the laser is always pointed at the face of the person being face tracked


First Version

The first iteration of this project


Clothespins controler

A demonstration of how clothespins where used for controlling the robot


Joystick and servo motors

The upgraded version of the robot after buying actual servo motors and a joystick controller


Final version

The final version of the project with implemented face tracking